my new dawn


so softly, so slowly

in fullness it flows

quietly, steadily

maintaining tempo

arising, realizing

in function and form

perfection’s reflection

forever reborn


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U  S I C

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saving grace

how sweet the sound

you called my name

and you i found


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C

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in the morning

by the lake

she sings with the sun

no one is around

but everyone

will hear

their vision


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C

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Posted on: August 6, 2016


when you walk upon the soft green grass

when you walk beneath the branches

of a tall and steady tree

and finally feel their energy



and how they are experiencing more life,

more joy, more fulfillment



to a far far greater degree

than thee



then you will know

you are













as i am not yet retired
from this world so dark and mired


i fill weekends full of sleep


as in my dreams
there are no mundane




2 call me back 2 creep


into a prison cell
a hell


designed for
happy hearts


2 weep






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in the green and brightening glade

joy’s flowing presence deep imbued

here no shadows eye hath seen

in heav’n’s sunlight through the ether

love’s glowing halo shews


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C

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