my new dawn


skywalker are you

who treads on the breeze

and glides like a sea gull

with wings no one sees


oh no longer bound

by ground soaked in tears

all fears fade in freedom

in skies ever clear




before the mighty continent fell

and every warrior wept in woe

the guardians of Atlantis stood

in solemn strength midst evil’s throe


they spoke no words of final thoughts

but looked into their royal kin’s eyes

then all together raised their spears

while fire and ash and water baptized




world once full of

love’s perfection

long has suffered

hate’s infection


how can it be

we’ve not yet healed ?

Kristin asks


whose lips

are sealed




goddess of Bounteous, beautiful things

eternal Youth and endless springs

perfumed air and petals bright

blooms and Blossoms both

colored and white



oh Flora your aura shines all around

where faeries and ferns and

delphinium abound


you are the Radiant rose of our hearts

love full of Innocence

your Beauty





paradise weeps in Niamh’s tears

for Love so sorely lost

her lover looking to the Past

could not account the cost


Oisin (her beloved’s name)

left Heaven’s home for earth

planning to return to Niamh

he fell from Grace’s worth



the battles are over

brave Warrior

peace is now your Friend

and will be at your side


we will do more

than remember you

loyal One

we will grieve


with treasured tears

no Angel can console

until from the soil of our Souls

an even greater bravery

is soon Born



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Posted on: March 23, 2019



at the end

is the beginning



at the outpost

is square one



we stand still

after travelling



all is clear

and undone



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