my new dawn


Old Atlantis

’tis now long gone


yet 2 by 2

a new hope dawns


upon the waves & swells

they ride


on waters of the turning



as more the yon horizon



and spraying foam like

lightening blinds


blazing beings all

fiery suns


with starry eyes

and singing tongues


sally forth to

our weathered shore


the New Atlantis

calls at our door




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the rose knows

the sweetness

of its full, flaming flower


bathed in bright beauty,

possessing pure power


the rose knows

the softness

of each thin petal’s touch


like a breeze barely whispered

yet communicating

so much


the rose knows

the red blood flows


pump, pumping the heart

hour after hour


the rose knows

it shall always be so . . .


to be consumed,

not devoured



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craziness in NYC

looting thugs been

roaming free


good people in



where oh where

is sanity ?


politics this ain’t

no more


revolution is

the score


i myself protest

as well


by creating beauty

in music hell



not a pile

Posted on: May 29, 2020


on the two dogs’ wedding day

at the church of the canine way

i sat nearby (just outside)

to hear my music play


oh the organ swelled so mightily

to my majestic melody

and made the dogs to howl

and bark and bay


’twas then i knew

my hopes were true

my music was

the food of love

& not a pile of doggy doo




just 2 wheels and me

and i’m free !

oh how i so like 2 bike

with these 3 !


pedaling, pedaling

no one is meddling

i go where the cars

cannot be !


and sometimes i feel

i can fly with my wheels

getting lighter and lighter



i’m up in the sky

with the moon passing by

just me and my bike

and ET !



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