my new dawn


across the lake

the Mountains rise

and then beyond

the misty Skies


i fix my gaze

and Deeply breathe

and breathe again

in Love’s reprise





Tadzio alone stands by

the bright sea


between worlds

within worlds


beyond veiled



where forces of nature

flow free as

wind’s waves


and ships seeking land

bring treasures

long saved




’tis the Truth of our Hearts

that all Yearn for the Time

when Wandering this World

our True Love we do find


for as soon as They’re found

we can March Royally

to the Throne of Sweet Bliss

and there sit Happily


and then Reign in that Hall

of one Earth and Heaven

with the Time on all clocks

eleven eleven





for those who have changed

and now know too much

no longer the world around them

can touch


gliding like ghosts among

statues of stone

whose mouths somehow move

though no one is home


oh there’s no going back

and there’s no one to see

save those few in heaven

whose hearts are set free





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her form & spirit

shines green & gold

all heaven & earth

her heart doth hold







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when at work

as we now see

in the early

21st century


an abominable

thing still

(a kind of

secret slavery)


all made to seem

quite natural

(as tho we’re actually free)


and so all are born

into a world

where one shall not

presume the right


to either eat or sleep

in some sheltered



unless they pay

(and dearly pay


oft with their health

or very life being

the stealthy price)


whilst all the while

all of us are preached to

(so repetitively)


upon work’s endless virtues


in a great God’s world

of everlasting scarcity



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Hamlet loved Ophelia

as true as Love

could be


yet from such Love

he could not share

his depths of



and Ophelia loved


as sweet as

Love could be


though Poison


all her flowers


shocked by

man’s Impurity



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