my new dawn

ocean child

Posted on: May 2, 2021

i found an infant in a shell
washed up upon the shore
(and when one sees
such a wondrous thing,
it’s quite hard to ignore)

i looked around an hour or 2
to see if a parent came ’round,
but since there was none
i adopted the shell
and now have a child renowned

we’ve been on the news
we’ve been in the press
we’ve been in documentaries
and had scientific tests

we’ve had visitors from
China, Chile and Japan –
we’ve had invitations from
royalty as far as Samarkand

but mostly we like going
back to that windswept beach
to see if shells of siblings
come drifting

within our reach

stretched out upon the wild forest floor
the earth beneath me warms me to the core
above the sunlit leaves grant shelter for my rest
what other heaven there may be
this one is the best

the angels are arriving,
humanity’s high-fiving –
it seemed there for a moment
freedom couldn’t keep

thank heaven there’s a heaven
(most were doubting,
that’s for sure)
but now our eyes can
see the skies
filled with angel corps

better than an Iron man,
better than ol’ Thor –
a mass of flying Amazons
settling God’s score

a million winged Wonder Women –
who could ask for more ?

when we’ve all killed
one another
the greatest beast
on land

will have complete

oh elephant,
great elephant

you’ll have the
last laugh

on woman

& man

rising from the dead
beats still being dead
rising to the sky
my body starts to fly

i wave to airplane
wearing all their masks
i fly over the border
(oh my, i have to laugh)

being Jesus Christ
is so much fun, fun, fun
the best thing ’bout
being Jesus

is I’m the only one

back, back in
old, ancient times
before history
in school books
we were assigned

told we were not
of the world
how it shined

taught we were not
of the Eden
we’d find

of the old golden age
holding life
most divine

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