my new dawn


many places i have not been

and yet I need not go



because I’ve been 

to Alamannia


where Herbs and flowers



where goddesses Immortal



whilst moving in

Love’s flow


through forest glades 

and groves and vales


their red hair

all aglow




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Here Balin lies

So long entombed 

in Halls of Glory

now Grey and Gloomed

a Testament to

evil’s End

since All that Shines

to Them offends





Nature’s path

green & true

warmly lit

lightly dewed


all its Soul

inviting you

to step into

Love’s world




poor Arthur Conan Doyle

forgot for all his great toil

save Sherlock Holmes

& Watson while

the rest left out to spoil

yet so the record’s made clear

’twas Fairies ol’ Arthur held dear

hoping earth’s people

would see them

and realize their World’s true frontier




better to forget

better to let go

the dark and painful memories

the wailing and the woes


better to reclaim

your psyche for your own

let the vultures find no carrion

let the jackals find no bones




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sweet stable genius ~

oh how can it be

in a world so unstable

you maintain sanity ?

how does your great mind

keep its faculties

when all who surround you

think like brain amputees?




what world of wonders now await

those who so anticipate

something good

something great

this New Year’s day’s

full fate





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