my new dawn

tower of love

towering above

our heads

in the sky

pointing the way

to a perfect

new day

where our hearts

want to fly

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into the fey light

all thru the deep night

i dream of green valleys

and wet water sprites

i dance on da dandelions

that tickle my toes

half laughing, half singing

wherever i goes

i float and i flitter

like a butterfly’s flight

freed from the cocoon

of day’s open-eyed sight

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the last goodbye

i don’t know why

i know we’ll

never meet


but even through

my tear-filled eyes

i see some

higher plan

choose the perfect path

and you know

you can’t go wrong

it’s the one that

only you know

where your feet

feel they belong

listening to the others

heeding their advice

you’re sure to lose

your footing

and your life

to pay the price

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before the gate,

sit and contemplate

before entering,

calm centering

for all those who

pass through

(perhaps me,

perhaps you)

must leave



they thought

they once


nature’s song i sing

and each

melodious moment

an ever pleasant spring

rest assured

it’s no fantasy

i dream

so-called ‘reality’

is fantasy

and my dream


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