my new dawn


Posted on: May 10, 2009

recently Maine became the 5th state to legalize gay marriage – and there seems to be an acceleration or momentum building in this area with more states to follow suit

the problem is that we as a society have to decide pretty soon once and for all whether the Bible as it is written applies to us or not

either we agree that God has defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the Bible

or we say the Bible is just filled with someone’s old antiquated ideas of what they thought God would or would not approve of

if most of us think God has defined marriage in the Bible, then we know that no politician or judge on earth can legally overrule God’s position on the issue – they simply have no right

i wonder how many Americans understand that what made this nation unique among all the other nations in history is the belief that our rights come from God, not from the government

so how can we Americans say, on the one hand, our rights come from God and then,

on the other hand,

say we will decide what rights we can have and disregard the Bible?

because it’s the God of the Bible that our founding fathers believed in – not the God of the Koran, or Vedas, or any other culture’s sacred writings

is this the “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN” that most Americans want?

oh wait…we can pick and choose the parts of the Bible that we like and put aside the parts we don’t like – the part about how God so loved the world that He died for us is good – we like a loving God

that other part about judgment – that’s no good – we don’t like a God who labels certain behaviors as sinful and then judges people for practicing those behaviors

okay…let me let folks who are not Bible-believing Christians in on a little secret

the secret is that the behaviors God tells us to stay away from in the Bible are all behaviors that will ultimately lead to unhappiness – behaviors that will always leave a feeling of emptiness or dissatisfaction lurking in the depths of our heart and spirit

and the behaviors that the God of the Bible does approve of are all behaviors that will lead us to experience the greatest happiness

God knows what behaviors will give us the greatest happiness because He designed us – He knows us better than we know ourselves – and He invites us to trust Him on that and see if following His standards don’t lead to a happiness greater than we could ever imagine

so there – it’s not all about judgment, you see – it’s not all about an angry God making a list of do’s and don’ts so He can trip you up and zap you when you’re not looking

no, there’s an awesome, loving reason for the rules

He wants you to be as full of happiness and joy as you can possibly be

you see, ultimately, it’s really all about the marriage between you and God


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