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night at the museum

Posted on: May 25, 2009

My review of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

It’s worth seeing…not as good as the original, but worth seeing

On paper it SHOULD be a better movie than the original. There’s more action, more romance, more interesting characters. But that’s just the problem. There’s so much more of EVERYTHING, that the movie loses its focus.

Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller) is supposed to be unhappy with life even though he became a successful inventor and corporate CEO since the first movie, but there aren’t any scenes to support that premise.

Also, Amy Adams portrayal of Amelia Earhart seemed a llittle too over the top for me – like Katie Couric on speed. And considering the fact that her character had never met Larry Daley, it seems a bit contrived how quickly her character becomes attached to him and his mission.

Kudos to Hank Azaria as the character, Kahmunrah. He stole the show with his highly original and convincing performance as an Egyptian pharoah who could be very evil and very funny at the same time. The movie would have been much better if it had given Mr. Azaria more to do, but he certainly made the best of it.

A final note: check your brain at the theatre concession stand, because there’s no way to explain how so much mayhem and destruction can occur in a national museum without even a single guard taking the slightest notice

2.5 stars

Note: no nudity, mild violence, only one instance of mild cursing


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