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Posted on: May 30, 2009

I ran across 2 articles today related to education and gays

BOTH in California, of course

first – a gay teenage boy is voted his high school’s prom queen

second – a school board has imposed a MANDATORY homosexual cirriculum for children from kindergarten to 5th grade

As far as the prom queen goes – we see how far we’ve come as a society, I suppose, when a boy can be queen

boys can be girls and girls can be boys – why not?

but I guess I’m just a CONSERVATIVE dinosaur – I mean I’m so old-fashioned that I actually think women should NEVER have been allowed to be soldiers in the military

i wonder what self-respecting man would allow a woman to fight to defend and protect her country’s honor and freedom – not to mention her own honor and life?

i THOUGHT that was a MAN’s JOB

perhaps we have had some “queens” already amongst our political leadership for some time now to have allowed that age old role reversal

as for teaching our kindergarten students about how gay families are just another kind of ‘NORMAL’ family structure –

I guess I’m old-fashioned there, too

I have no problem with gay people living out their chosen lifestyle in peace and safety, BUT…


it should NEVER happen in a REPUBLIC under the AUTHORITY of GOD (i.e. the USA) that the definition of a family should EVER be tampered with

ESPECIALLY with the HEARTS and MINDS of our YOUNGEST and most IMPRESSIONABLE citizens – our children

BUT that’s how the devil does it – as I have said before – THE dEVIL is our common enemy – and he, being the snake that he is, goes after the children because they are our future

and a future constructed by the evil one will NOT be bright and gay

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