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passing genius

Posted on: June 4, 2009

i just found out that one of the greatest geniuses of natural medicine passed from this earth last week – DR. ABRAM HOFFER – he was 92

he was the founding father of holistic psychiatry – he showed the world over 50 years ago that serious mental illnesses could be cured by nutritional therapies

and what has the world of psychiatry done with Dr. Hoffer’s discoveries?


so for decades millions of people have needlessly suffered from mental illnesses and the terrible side effects of psychiatric medications and shock therapy

psychiatry is a SHAMEFUL profession, to say the least

to all the drug-pushing psychiatrists: you need to get a heart and soul, throw out your prescription pads, and follow Dr. Hoffer’s teachings – leave the drug-pushing to the inner city crack addicts and become the natural healers God intended you to be


i recommend the following site to those who would like an introduction to DR. HOFFER’S work


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