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Posted on: July 3, 2009

A fascinating vision of the RAPTURE (LINK)

This is a true story. It is a “vision” given to me from God in November of 2001. It was given in the form of a dream repeated three times in one night. Only it was not like a regular dream, but “real”! I believe the Lord meant for me to share it with as many people as possible. Before I had my website I shared it with as many people as I could through the mail, or actually telling them. But, with the Internet, now I can reach far more folks. When the Lord repeats things three times…He really wants to get your attention! I believe this is a DIRE WARNING for the unsaved, and words of some comfort for the already “saved”, or “born- again” believers. PLEASE BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ BELOW, AND TAKE HEED! You may do what you will with it, or nothing at all. But I believe it to be true, and feel I must pass it on.

“Three times one night the Lord gave me the same exact “dream”, for lack of a better word. But it wasn’t like any other dream I’ve ever had in 50 years! It was “REAL”! And I mean REAL! So, please don’t think I’m nuts just yet. I woke up sobbing, and Sonny asked me what was wrong? It took a while to regain my composure. Then I told him I’d just seen the Lord!!! He didn’t look like any of the typical paintings of Jesus, ex. ‘holding a lamb’, or a ‘child’, or any other similar position you’ve seen in art, or the church. He wasn’t smiling, sweet or humble. Not like the Jesus you have read about in the Bible. This was the Jesus to come! A King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! Powerful! Totally in control of everything! All seeing and all knowing! Alpha and Omega! The Christ of the Revelation! He gave ma a glimpse of the ‘Rapture’, or ‘taking away’, of His Church, the ‘born-again’, Christian believers. Not the buildings or religions. Just the people, the souls of the ‘saved’, those who believe Jesus it the Messiah, and have accepted Him as their Savior. I have to try and describe this in ‘human’ terms, as I don’t have any other way to do it. I feel inadequate for the task. Perhaps the Lord let me see this vision because of the ‘pictures’ He lets me see in my head for my artwork, for His glory. Maybe He thought I could describe what He showed me in the vision since I am an artist and remember details.

At first I heard a loud noise, maybe the ‘trump of God’! Then I was lifted up to a ‘cloud’ that covered at least half of the earth. The cloud was much like a normal cloud in looks….from the earth, anyhow! But on the ‘top’ side, where I was, it was a crystalline, gossamer-type of sparky ‘stuff’, with amazing colors I’ve never seen before on earth! It was translucent, but turned transparent later! The Lord let me, ‘see myself as I experienced things’, like you’d see yourself in an actual dream. At other times He let me see thins in a ‘normal’ way. It was much like the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. I now know how John felt trying to describe things that were really beyond his frame of reference! I appeared much the same as I do now. Could this mean that the Rapture is close to happening? I believe it to be true.

I was standing on the topside of the cloud when suddenly the Lord Jesus appeared just slightly to the back of my right side. His robes were the brightest white, like the sun shining off of a metallic surface and a tremendous glare that blinds you! They ‘glowed’, they ‘shone’! His facial features could not be made out because His face shone like the sun in brightness! (As it says in the Book of Revelation: ‘…there is no need for the sun and moon for light, because Jesus will be the light.’ This describes Him perfectly!) But, the brightness didn’t hurt my eyes to look upon Him! However, as soon as I did my legs were, ‘knocked out from under me’, and I fell on my knees then my face all the way down! All I could say, as I lay there sobbing was, ‘My Lord and my God!’ I felt the overwhelming, awesomeness of Him, like a physical force! His total perfection penetrated my soul, and I felt my own unworthiness to be in His presence. I could ‘feel’ His love for me, and H set me on my feet. He didn’t have to speak audibly. His thought and wishes were immediately, ‘put into my head’! I could speak to ask Him things, or just think it, and He would answer, as He knew my thoughts! I remember I asked stupid things. For instance, when I knelt down on my hands and knees on the cloud, I asked Him, ‘why I didn’t fall through? What was holding me up?’ Jesus let me know that everything was perfectly safe, that He was in control, and wouldn’t let anything hurt me. Then I relaxed and started to observe.

The cloud rose high above the earth, and I could look down at the beautiful blue and green ball of the earth. It looked much like the photos and videos sent back by the astronauts in space. But, as I looked down, suddenly, tiny ‘points of light’, like fireflies in the night, started to rise up! They swirled from all over the earth, going around, and around as they rose. Jesus let me know that they were actually moving too fast for my eyes to follow, so He had ‘slowed them down’, so I could see what was really happening! The lights rose up to the cloud with us, filling the heavens with light! It was very beautiful! I saw them as lights, but Jesus let me know they were actually the ‘souls’ of all the ‘Saints’, His born-again believers, the ‘Raptured Church’! As I watched the lights swirl up from the earth, as each place the lights left, the earth darkened! It was very, very scary as it got darker and darker! The Lord made me to know that even if someone only believed a tiny bit in Him, ‘a mustard-seed’s worth of faith’…He would take them and they would be saved! No one was forgotten that believed in Him!

The earth proceeded to darken until the light totally went out! That was the most frightening thing I have ever seen, or felt! Even the Holy Spirit had left! All that was remaining was darkness. Real darkness! The once beautiful earth was now a horrible, dark, ‘thing’! Like a piece of coal! The dark earth actually looked like it had ‘sunken’ into the space it occupied, as well as the atmosphere around it! It ‘felt’ like the darkness was ‘evil’! It was a physical, tangible thing! Too horrible to behold! Whoever was left down on the earth was in that darkness! Probably some people we know or love! They were now controlled by evil and darkness, with no Holy Spirit to hold it back!

The cloud with the Raptured Church of God rose up to Heaven, and disappeared from the earth.

Then the Lord let me wake up after He had repeated the vision three times in a row! I believe He was trying to make a point, don’t you? Time is very, very short! Many people will be lost in the darkness unless they accept Jesus as their Savior! We must tell everyone we can about Jesus! Please take this seriously! Pass it on to whomever you want. I pray it helps. Even so, many will be lost forever in the darkness when they refuse to believe in Jesus as their Savior. I love you all in Christ. May God bless you.



2 Responses to "rapture vision"

Your vision was for real, I know I was shown the same thing in 1996 Look
up david daughtreys vision or david daughtreys rapture vision youtube.

GOD bless David Daughtrey

God Bless You Dear Sister See You Soon David

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