my new dawn

seeing red

Posted on: July 17, 2009

I no longer have to use my prescription bifocals. I don’t need them anymore. My Dr. could not believe that my eyes had improved so much that I did not even need a prescription. He suggested that I use #1 over the counter glasses when my eyes were tired and blurry for close-up reading. He said he hadn’t seen people’s eyesight improved – it just gradually worsened. Even my husband’s eyesight is getting better..Just wanted to share how NingXia Red has helped…”

~ Nancy Sanderson

“I do believe that goji berry has health benefits and future research will indicate which of the goji marketing claims will turn out to be accurate and which will turn out to be overly enthusiastic. For the time being, it appears that one goji berry health benefit that has promise is in the realm of vision health. Goji berry has been used for centuries in Asia for eye health benefit and to maintain vitality. Goji berry has a high level of zeaxanthin which is a nutrient, along with lutein, necessary for optimal eyesight.” – Dr. Ray Sahelian


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