my new dawn

cuckoo’s nest

Posted on: August 1, 2009

interesting that the obama presidential eligibility issue has REALLY gone mainstream now – even though

it’s been in the independent news media for a whole YEAR

the debates over this issue are yet another example of how this world is such a madhouse – (the movie, “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest,” was more about the world outside the mental hospitals)

i don’t see many grown-ups that are GROWN-UP – you know what I mean?

i mean, as usual, there doesn’t appear to be many of us adults who know how to think

but as a Christian, I must have patience and compassion – maybe it’s the fluoride in the water, or the chlorine in the pools, or the chemicals in the processed food, or the lack of minerals in the soil, or too many EMF waves or microwaves or something making our cerebral cortexes less cerebral

instead of logical thinking that adults should be capable of, i hear lots of name calling

people who want obama to produce a real birth certificate are either crazy, or stupid, or ultra-conservative anti-government kooks, or ANYTHING but plain old Americans who

just want our LAWS TO BE OBEYED!

boy oh boy, isn’t it incredible that an American citizen might actually CARE about the US CONSTITUTION being obeyed

because it’s the whole foundation for our American freedoms and system of government!

now there’s a wacky, mentally imbalanced thought

and maybe – just maybe – an American citizen might understand that if any political leader – ANY leader – whether they are obama, bush, clinton, whoever – if ANY leader thinks they are ABOVE the law

then we don’t have a free country anymore!

when a leader thinks they are above the law – that’s a DICTATORSHIP!

now maybe obama is an american citizen

if he is, then all he had to do was show us his birth certificate a year ago

but no – he’s spent over $1 million in legal fees to stop Americans who have asked him to produce it

oh, but there was a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH posted on the internet that proved obama was an american citizen

too bad, but that argument holds no water, because Hawaii used to issue those COLB’s for kids born in Hawaii AS WELL AS kids born outside the borders of the USA

folks, fellow Americans, the mainstream media is insulting you (except for Lou Dobbs) and your government is laughing at you

well, are we americans OR aren’t we?

do we realize that in America the people are SOVEREIGN?

and those guys and gals in Washington…they work for



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