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Posted on: August 5, 2009

i mentioned this on my radio show yesterday and thought i should also put it on my blog

a fellow named Pete Fisher has an interesting webpage about the antichrist and who he thinks it is

antichrist link

in connection with this, an article about the antichrist just appeared on world net daily today – see

antichrist link #2

this article supports what Pete Fisher is saying and makes a good argument that perhaps many Bible prophecy scholars have been looking at the wrong part of the world


1 Response to "antichrist"

September 30th 2011, Revelation chap 12 vs 1,2 happened! The constellation Virgo was the woman, sun at her shoulders, moon at her feet with Venus and Saturn in her midsection. A download called Stellarium will confirm this.
October 19th 2012, Revelation chap 12 vs 15,16 happened! An underground nuclear explosion happened off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt creating a tsunami that was “swallowed up” by a huge crack in the bottom of the Med. Sea.
December 25th 2012, (approx), Revelation chap 13 v 3 will happen for all to see, but will we see?
March 31st 2013, (approx), Revelation chap 13 v 7 will begin the Christian Holocaust.

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