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great doggie comeback

Posted on: September 25, 2009


I will share my incredible testimony. I have a beautiful pekingese who was having her 3rd litter of pups. Many months prior to her pregnancy, she had become lazy and lethargic, although her health was excellent. No problems whatsoever! She had 6 pups and was very tired and wore out in the end. After birthing the pups, she became very sick within 24 hours. Upon visiting the vet she had an extreme uterine bacterial infection. Two vets confirmed her probable death offering little if any hope of saving her life. On a Friday (4th of July weekend), she was at the 2nd vet for an over the weekend stay to try to preserve her life. I didn’t have peace about leaving her alone 3 nights in a row so home we came. By 11 pm that night I cried and laid her in my bed by me to die. It seemed hopeless at that point. From 3 pm that Friday afternoon I had started administering every 2-3 hours faithfully the following all over her, back, paws, tummy, uterine area…:

7 drops frankincense
7 drops oregano(target bacteria)
7 drops peppermint (for constant heavy breathing)

all with a v-6 oil to dilute, although she didn’t seem to find any of the oils hot or bothersome. Just a side note, this dog never liked the oils previously but seemed very open to them at this time.

By Saturday morning, she was not well or out of the woods, but was able by herself to walk slowly to another room and lay still again for about 4 hours. No appetite.

Sunday morning, she was 60% better! I had an inspiration to feed her eggs cooked with runny yellow. She lapped that up but would not touch any other food. By that Sunday afternoon, my wonderful dog was tail up, chest out and wagging her butt off and barking up a storm! Hallelujah!!

By Monday, my dog was like new, no one would ever have suspected a sickness. By all appearances she was completely well. I continued the oils but reduced to every six hours omitting the middle of the night treatment.

OK, here is the kicker. The Lord and the oils healed and restored my dog, but remember she was lazy and tired prior to pregnancy? Well my dog, who by the way is Tiss, within a week began running like a mad cap and playing wildly and profusely with all the other dogs. That was so amazing to me!!! That was so not a coincidence.

My personal thoughts about the oils are this: I knew why the peppermint (breathing), I knew why the oregano(infection), but never knew why the frankincensece. I really think it is responsible for renewing her life better than before. I wonder if it may have reset her nervous system and cleansed her immune system. Just wanted to share in case someone can benefit from Tiss’ testimony.

I truly give God the glory for the power of His precious oils and sparing my lovely Tiss. I have seen cases where too little too late have been the cause of death. This could have been my situation. Regardless of the power of the oils, it could have been too late to redeem her life. I did ask the Lord to spare my dog and give her a long life. He amazingly granted me that and He used 3 precious oils to do the work for Him.

I stand amazed at His greatness and His holy creation! Thank you Lord!

I have enclosed for your viewing pleasure, a picture of my lovely Tiss. Please share this testimony with your friends.

In His healing presence,
Lisa Luneau


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that’s an incredible and wonderful story 🙂

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