my new dawn

avatar deception

Posted on: January 29, 2010

i won’t see the movie “Avatar”

(the very term “Avatar” denotes a pagan deity who has incarnated in human and/or animal form)

and I don’t really care if this movie is the greatest technological achievement in special effects film history

i don’t like the idea of presenting an alternate virtual fantasy reality that impresses images on our minds in such a compelling fashion that it could actually compete with the mind that really matters, according to the Bible, which is the mind of God

the apostle Paul says “Let this mind be in you” speaking of the mind of Christ, the mind of God (Phillippians 2:5)

so what does “Avatar” do but glorify paganism and pagan spirituality by presenting a virtual world of extremely desirable and attractive beauty and harmony?

in truth, any beauty or harmony one might find in a real society who has historically shared similar pagan beliefs and practices is strictly an illusion

in such societies and communities one looks beneath the surface and finds spiritual bondage to superstitions, veneration of dead ‘spirits’ and animal ‘spirits’, bizarre ritualistic behaviors, etc.

so-called ‘witch doctors’ and ‘shamans’ are often considered spiritual elders – in actuality, they are the people most spiritually oppressed by the demonic realm

this is the real reality that “Avatar” is attempting to replace – it is a virtual deception

all achieved with advanced technology and 3D glasses, but a dark deception nevertheless


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