my new dawn

third quarter

Posted on: February 27, 2010

when things like the Haiti earthquake happen and now the very large earthquake in Chili, it is confirmation that the Bible is true and that we are living at the end of this age

perhaps many people don’t understand the concept of an age, but it might help those that don’t if they thought of the history of the world in terms of a football game

a football game (i am speaking of American football) has four quarters – if we think of the history of the world in these terms, we can say that the time from the Garden of Eden to the flood was the first quarter

and the time right after the flood to the time of the birth of Jesus was the second quarter – think of Jesus’ life as the halftime break

then from Jesus’ death and resurrection to the present we have the third quarter

we are now at the end of the 3rd quarter – the time when Jesus told us earthquakes and other natural disasters would increase, like a mother giving birth whose labor pains get more and more intense

and so at the end of this 3rd age (or quarter) – what are we giving birth to?

a new age – a fourth age – an age where Jesus returns and rules the world

it’s a far better thing to hope for and look forward to – imagine a new world with no corruption, no abuse, no want, no disease, no sin whatsoever, because the devil and his demons are in chains and banned from having any influence over the affairs of mankind

i lift Chile up in prayer – in Jesus’ holy name I thank God for the great grace and comfort He will pour out upon Chile – and anywhere else if a devastating tsunami results from this quake

Remember…God had a reason for choosing each one of us to live at this time in history

i keep my focus on God and keep looking up for my Bridegroom to take His bride away


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