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battle for health

Posted on: March 8, 2010

this video is a little long, but it is a privilege to help Jim and Trish Feijo in a fight for health freedom that is for the benefit of all Americans, whether they know it or not

you won’t see stuff like this on 60 minutes or Oprah or Larry King – the mainstream media totally shuts out any information on our government’s ongoing history of corrupt and unjust persecution of natural health practitioners

it wasn’t that long ago that the US government confiscated and burned books on nutrition in the land of the free and brave

nutritional medicine is light years ahead of the standard toxic drug pushing that is acceptable and respectable in the eyes of academia and the mainstream media

yet practicing nutritional medicine is still technically illegal in a majority of states in the USA

by the way, at one time Jim Feijo suffered from severe multiple sclerosis – he is totally healthy and healed from severe MS thanks to NATURAL NUTRITIONAL THERAPIES


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