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deep sleep

Posted on: March 24, 2010

all i can say is WOW

a week ago i decided to take the noni juice challenge that i suggested to my readers a couple blogs ago

the noni juice challenge is to drink 4 ounces of noni juice a day until a chronic health issue is resolved

well i’d say i’ve resolved over a half a dozen serious health conditions over the years using other kinds of natural remedies, but i still have one last health issue that has been hanging around – SPRING TIME ALLERGIES

so i am not writing to report a total elimination of spring time allergy symptoms yet, but i am writing to report how amazed i was when i woke up this morning to feel so incredibly well rested and peaceful because i had experienced a night of such a deep relaxing sleep

i honestly cannot remember how long it’s been since i felt i had such a good night’s rest – definitely have had nothing like that in many, many years – and after just one week of drinking noni!

so here’s to noni juice and beautiful sleeping 🙂

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