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rescue me

Posted on: April 13, 2010

i recently read a Christian brother who wrote that other Christians who were looking forward to a rapture that would enable them to escape from the world were people who were irresponsible and did not want to do the work that needs to be done to make this world a better place

i would argue that just the opposite is true – and here’s a crude analogy to make my point

suppose i were in an airplane full of people and it was on the runway waiting for takeoff, and then looking out the window i noticed a bomb attached to the wing of the plane…what should i do?

i know i would tell everyone to get the heck off that plane as soon as possible so they would have the best chance to save their lives before that bomb went off

that’s not being irresponsible – quite the opposite – that’s a situation where escape is VERY responsible

so it is with the rapture – the purpose of the rapture is to escape a period of time that God says will be the worst period of time that ever was or will be on this earth

no concerted effort of any organized group of men and/or women is going to somehow manage to make that period of time any better

so if you are a Christian and one day soon you hear the sound of the trumpet and a call from Heaven to come and meet the Bridegroom, i urge you to go out and meet Him without giving it a second thought!

and you won’t give it a second thought if you realize what horrible evil you are being rescued from thanks to the awesome love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ


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