my new dawn


Posted on: April 25, 2010

i thought i’d write a blog to say that 2017 keeps popping up all over the Internet as the year Jesus returns to rule on earth as KING OF KINGS

i think in the last few months of my internet research i have never seen such a convergence among so many varied sources

no doubt the Book of Daniel has been unsealed by those who have sought the truth of God’s Word without any personal agendas or intellectual biases

and the current state of events in the Middle East would seem to seal the deal

recent developments in US foreign policy and political/military alignments between Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, Turkey, etc. are all pointing to a major war prophesied in Psalm 83 to occur before the end of summer 2010

truly this would kick off the 7 year period of tribulation prior to the Lord’s return

and the rapture would then occur this year as well

clearly the city of Damascus is the most perilous place to live on earth at this moment, as we know this city will be utterly destroyed in this war that is about to explode

the times that we are in are OBVIOUS to those with the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit – the apostle Paul calls us the “children of Light” – God hides nothing to those living in His light

Jesus chastised the religious leaders of His day for not knowing He was the Messiah, since the timing of His arrival perfectly fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies

but now, as then, the organized system of religion does not put the Word of God first, or else current religious leaders would be aware that God’s Word has perfectly foretold the timing of His second coming as well


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