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Posted on: May 10, 2010

okay crazy Christians (and folks who think Christians are just crazy), let’s see where we stand

we have an oil spill in the US that now threatens to contaminate the entire east coast thanks to the gulf stream current that can carry that oil that far if it’s not stopped very soon

we have obama coming against israel very hard as usual – his administration is setting the ‘acceptable’ parameters for the mideast “peace” talks which means israel better play ball or else

last week we had the stock market temporarily crash by 1000 points

we had riots in greece over their collapsed economy

we had the entire economy of western europe faltering over what happened in greece

a typical week in these end times – oh, i forgot to mention the 7.4 earthquake in indonesia the other day – these major earthquakes are so frequent it gets easier and easier to yawn when they happen

and of course the abortion holocaust never ends – i haven’t checked, but i’ll bet a million dollars that the new lady judge that obama wants on the supreme court is NOT pro-life

i guess the devil has outsmarted us pretty good – i mean we all cringe at the thought of murdering people living outside the womb like Hitler did in WW2

so the devil figured we wouldn’t mind so much if he killed them before they came out of the womb

and schools still teach the lie of darwin’s theory of EVIL-ution

so where we stand is is the world is going down the tubes as usual and we’re one day closer to Jesus’ return – thank God

there’s nothing in this evil world of lies and destruction that’s worth hanging onto

and on that happy note…

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