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karate kid review

Posted on: June 21, 2010

“Everything is Kung Fu”

so says Jackie Chan in the new movie “KARATE KID

I enjoyed this movie very much and believe it stands up well against the original Karate Kid from many moons ago

Jackie Chan is excellent as the humble maintenance man with a wealth of wisdom and a tragic past

And Jaden Smith is an incredible young actor who is in 99% of the scenes and manages to carry the movie all on his shoulders

I like that the movie actually takes its time – it does not rush to get from one action sequence to the next – it is very refreshing for a movie to slow down the pace so the actors can act out the story

some beautiful poignant scenes are scattered throughout – such as the ‘first kiss’ scene at the shadow puppet theatre – it is magical

Note: As Christians, we obviously cannot endorse the mystical aspects of the asian martial arts practices and philosophy. As one would expect, they are sometimes highlighted throughout this movie. The mental exercises of becoming ‘one with the universe’ and ‘of emptying one’s mind’ are part and parcel of a false and potentially dangerous spirituality. However, one can be a Christian and also a great martial artist. Chuck Norris is an excellent example.


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