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abortion thoughts

Posted on: June 30, 2010

i am pro-life, but – as i said in my previous blog – i don’t believe in getting angry at those who disagree

of course the abortion issue is controversial

one group sees it as murder – one group doesn’t

how amazing is that for 2 groups of people to disagree on what defines murder? i can’t imagine a bigger disagreement

of course a pro-choice person could very easily get angry at a pro-life person – after all, by the pro-life’s definition, they are murderers

i think it’s safe to say that no one – liberal or conservative – wants to see themselves as a murderer

and of course it’s very easy for a pro-life person to get angry with a pro-choice person – after all, the pro-life person thinks abortion is a worse holocaust than Hitler killing 6 million Jews

and so the pro-life person wonders why everyone else isn’t outraged and horrified

but part of growing up is accepting the fact that we can’t always understand why another person believes the way they do

and that getting angry at them is not the answer

i think we should share and explain our thinking on controversial issues in a calm, respectful manner

why am i pro-life? i make no apologies – for me it’s a spiritual conviction that life begins at conception that I believe God has revealed to me

so i suppose i could say to myself that everyone should think the same way, except that i can’t – because i can’t say why God does or doesn’t reveal that to everybody

does He reveal it to everybody, but some people just ignore that revelation?

i honestly don’t know

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