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ground 0 mosque

Posted on: August 18, 2010

i notice the proposed mosque at ground 0 is getting some discussion in the mainstream media

although i do try to ignore the mainstream media as much as i can these days, i have a controversial thought or two on this subject that i’d like to share

i am what our society would label a “moral Christian conservative” – so naturally i am against the mosque at ground 0, right?

well, not really – not unless there were some compelling legal reason why there couldn’t be a mosque there – although i admit i am unfamiliar with the details of the story – as of this writing, i am not sure if there are legal grounds to stop it

but can it be stopped on emotional grounds? – i don’t know – can the folks who issued the building permit deny a building permit on that basis alone?

again, a legal question perhaps

at any rate, the whole issue raises the larger principle of religious freedom for me – and my controversial thought is this…

if we are a Christian nation, as my fellow moral conservatives are wont to say, then why should a Christian nation allow any religious building of worship to be built to any god other than the one true God of the Old and New Testament?

because i have to say, i don’t recall Jesus exactly telling His disciples to tell the world that His way was one good way out of a lot of other good ways – no, Jesus commanded them to tell folks that He was the ONLY WAY

so are we a Christian nation? – I don’t think so – not really – because our Constitution never explicitly gives Jesus first place – it doesn’t allow our government the right to endorse Jesus and His way over the way of any other non-Christian faith

go to Saudi Arabia – you won’t see a Christian church there – they won’t allow one to be built – i guess you can say that country is less hypocritical than ours – because they don’t say that Allah is number one and then turn around and allow the followers of Jesus to have some real estate, too

but we are Americans – we are fair and compassionate people – we have a country where everyone is free!

well, if you allow religious freedom, and you allow people of any faith to come into your country and live, then i submit you don’t have a Christian nation

i think what you have is a house divided that cannot stand

King Arthur states my feelings very eloquently in this video


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