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infections and thyroid

Posted on: December 11, 2010

WOW – the Lord keeps showing me more things i didn’t know about health issues

yesterday i learned that thyroid hormone often declines during an infection or illness

I didn’t know that! And it’s a really HUGE deal

this is often the reason for troubling fatigue after an illness when the thyroid hormone levels can take time to rebound

(and when I say “troubling fatigue” i mean fatigue so bad that you can barely function or get yourself into work)

this would be even more of an issue with someone who had low thyroid functioning to start with (prior to the infection or illness)

Now I have been treating hypothyroidism naturally for a few years now with great success (see my Total Health page for the product I use)

and i know the serious fatigue that low thyroid functioning can cause – maybe some of you out there can relate also – the fatigue can be pretty intense

so i will keep my blog readers posted, but a couple days ago i started increasing the supplement i take for my thyroid

already last night i noticed a major boost in energy and now i just have to watch the energy levels come back up in the morning and afternoon


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