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Posted on: January 8, 2011

i don’t write about politics very often on my blog – for the most part, i find the subject boring – chalk it up to old age, i guess – at some point, i got tired of the circus

(didn’t john lennon say in one of his songs that he had to stop riding the merry go round?)

the thing is i can’t find anyone that wants the world to be a worse place; we all agree we want the world to be a better place – it’s just conservatives and liberals have different ideas on how to make that happen

so the fact that we all agree that we want a better world is to me much more important than our differences

now i am a conservative, but if i listen to a liberal say something i am totally opposed to, i don’t get angry at them – i don’t want to call them names – no

i just think they are fighting for what they believe will make the world a better place – so I admire that

even if i totally disagree

now conservatives will say we need less goverment intervention for things to get better, and on that i agree

although there’s one huge problem with that – less government only works if something else is already in place

that something is the moral capacity for individuals and businesses to govern themselves in such a way that no big brother watching over their shoulders is necessary

the amish have it – how much does our government need to interfere with the amish? – very, very little

now what if we were all like the amish? – wow, there’s a crazy, off the wall question

but that’s precisely the way we all need to be for a constitutional republic like ours to succeed

but who the heck wants to be like the amish? all that daily living by a strict moral code to keep everyone in line

hmmm…but they don’t need to be burdened by a big government to keep them in line, either


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