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pleurisy post

Posted on: January 19, 2011

i’ve been meaning to do a post about the pleurisy i began dealing with a month ago after a bout of bronchitis (or possibly pneumonia…i still wonder)

so here’s a list of things that were helpful for me:

– nebulizing colloidal silver
– using a cool mist humidifier
– using Vicks vapor rub on chest
– using an essential oil called Eucalyptus Radiata on my chest
– drinking a tea by Yogi Teas called Breathe Deep
– using a product called Natural Calm (powdered magnesium)
– using the OTC antihistamine Chlor-Trimeton (go figure, but it really helps)
– using a product called Oregamax (oregano herb capsules)
– essiac tea (i buy the raw herbs from the Herbal Healer website and make it myself – it’s not too much work – i recommend essiac for a lot of lung issues)

so i think that covers it

by the way, the Yogi Tea Breathe Deep is pretty amazing – check out all the good reviews on

and essiac tea is extremely amazing – if you’re not familiar with it, a little googling research will show how effective it is for a number of health conditions

so back to pleurisy – it can sometimes follow bronchitis or pneumonia – it’s a little weird if you’ve never had it before and you suddenly feel the strange lung sensations that go with it

i never even knew one person in my entire life who got pleurisy when my doc diagnosed me – i mean who comes into the office one day and says “I just came down with pleurisy”???

anyway, i sure learned not to take lung health for granted!


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I cough a lot, and the only thing that seems to get me to stop coughing is a Ricola, not sure why. I also like to use the Puffs tissues with Vicks, they seem to help when I’m coughing a bunch – or at least I like to think they do.

My daughter has pleurisy….what a debilitating illness it is! She has had it for 6 long months to date. I would love to hear from someone who has experienced her symptoms of shortness of breath, chest & rib pain. What treatment helped, eased or cured your pleurisy?

6 months is way too long to suffer

i mention 9 different things that i used in my post on pleurisy – i knocked it out in 2 months

of course like with any illness you want to lessen the symptoms and also attack the cause

if i were to pick one thing to do, i would definitely recommend putting colloidal silver in a nebulizer to inhale the silver particles into the lungs

unfortunately there are health websites that try to scare folks about using silver – pay no attention – using silver made by a reputable manufacturer will NEVER make anyone’s skin turn blue

i would heartily recommend a product called MESOSILVER – the company that makes it also sell OMRON nebulizers

the website is

NOW a second thing I recommend is something i wasn’t aware of at the time i dealt with pleurisy

but I think it would also be invaluable to use with the nebulized silver – that product is OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT

olive leaf (along with silver) is one of the most potent all natural anti-viral remedies

i heartily recommend purchasing the olive leaf extract pills online from the SEAGATE company at

Time to say GOOD-BYE to pleurisy!

Maur.. Sorry to hear about your daughters pleurisy problems.
From what I’ve researched and have done myself for 13years, using Colloidal Silver, The CS via a nebulizer should help quite a bit, from what I understand and my own experiences. The infection associated with Pleurisy, aka – Pleuritis, in your daughter, can be ‘ addressed’ with a high quality silver colloid solution via a nebulizer. I’m assuming your daughters diagnosis and current condtion is indeed pleurisy, an inflammation ( infection) of the pleura tissue of the lung and not something else.. ie. signs of
lung cancer, pulmonary issues or ? . per information provided…using a 1/2oz.of highgrade CS, for 5mins. 3X a day, should be of help. Diet, Nutritional supplements, herbs, are of help, as well.. to buffer the immune system. There are ‘ other’ therapies, as well, that have little or no negative side-effects.

Additionally Maur… a home treatment of your daughters Pleurisy, as I’ve learned, via others over the years,is the use of a fine-mist humidifier with 8oz. of 3% FOOD Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, for every 1gal. of distilled water.
You can purchase 35% FOOD Grade H202 @ a local health food store or order via the internet. Its uses are many. Documentation on it, goes way back and verifiable. DO NOT use ‘ store bought’ H202. U can take 1oz.of 35% to 11oz. of Distilled water to make 12oz. of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide ( H202). That extra O2 oxygen molecule is a wonder for mankind and its benefits to the human condition well known. To Your Health. It’s certainly helped mine through the years, when needed. [:<)

I know this thread is a bit old but thanks! My daughter has pleurisy now and we were doing the Motrin thing. I added cell food drops to her water and pleurisy root. She began feeling a bit better, then I found this. I had some chlortrimeton in the house so gave her one to try. She said it helped more than the Motrin!
We have since added bromelain and may try colloidal silver.

hope things are going well for your daughter – thanks very much for your comment – i know she is in good hands having a parent who is in tune with natural options

it’s been awhile since i revisited this post but mesosilver is still my favorite to use in a nebulizer for any infectious lung condition

i still use it in a nebulizer every few days during the winter months as a preventative

How long did it take you to go away?

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