my new dawn

on stranger tides

Posted on: May 28, 2011

if you haven’t seen the latest POTC movie and you enjoyed the first 3, then i’m fairly certain you’ll enjoy #4 just as much

there be lots of pirate fun and menace all around

Ian McShane is diabolical as Blackbeard – although Ian plays Blackbeard in a low key fashion, all the scary evil and malice is there in his eyes and facial expressions at the key dramatic moments

Penelope Cruz is a great female lead – sparring with Johnny Depp all the way through and proving she can hold her own and then some

As always Geoffrey Rush chews up the scenery as Barbossa in his own inimitable way

There is also a subplot with a missionary and mermaid that adds a nice romantic dimension

Taking the movie as a whole, the music, the acting, the script and camera work all work together swimmingly

So I say this latest installment of POTC is definitely a treasure


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