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Posted on: June 26, 2011

as we reach middle age, using olive leaf extract as part of one’s daily supplement routine makes a lot of sense

various kinds of stress can leave folks over 40 more susceptible to attacks by stealth pathogens – in other words, a person doesn’t even have to be exposed to germs from another person, because the infectious organisms within their own body can reactivate and flare up during stressful periods

and they may not even cause full-blown illness but still cause enough inflammation to keep the body feeling worn out, affecting the thyroid, adrenals, etc…so olive leaf is a great natural weapon to wipe out these stealth pathogens which are often the root cause of so many other states of disease

i make sure i take my ole every day

and i recommend the brand from the seagate company – they are unique because they control every aspect of the product, from the raw product grown on their own farms to the processing and manufacturing – it’s the highest qualty and yet affordably priced


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