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nittany liar

Posted on: November 10, 2011

the penn state fiasco continues to unfold

local reporter in the central pa region, mark madden, has written:

“Don’t underestimate the power of Paterno and Penn State in central Pennsylvania when it comes to politicians, the police and the media.”

suffice it to say, i think we’re going to see a bigger picture of corruption start to emerge

local police may have been reluctant to press the issue of Sandusky’s perverted activities

to make matters worse, mark madden has brought to the media’s attention that Sandusky may have taken big donations from rich pedophiles for his ‘charity’ so they could have their pick of young boys

this is being investigated

mark madden has also addressed the issue of why the hell is Mike McQueary, who observed the shower rape scene, going to be on the sidelines coaching this saturday!?!?!?

mark says the university doesn’t want him to talk, and by keeping him on his job, McQueary is forced by the administration to keep his mouth shut

because if he does talk, then the truth will come out – that joe paterno perjured himself


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