my new dawn

finally saw HUGO

Posted on: January 1, 2012

the movie HUGO’s been out for awhile but i’ve finally gotten ’round to seeing it

it’s definitely a special film that is not a kid’s film per se, but it is a film about the hopeful, fun-loving, creative child in us all

and the importance of finding one’s purpose and embracing it no matter what the world around you thinks or says

the pace of the film is slow, deliberately so – it is a movie that takes its time to tell its story and lets the characters act and interact – this is most refreshing and welcome as far as i’m concerned – this is the way most movies used to be – they actually respected their audience’s ability to concentrate and focus on the nuances and development of the characters and plot

HUGO is full of love, charm, wonder and inner drama – everything in the movie really serves as a backdrop to exposing the secret joys and trials of the creative spirit


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