my new dawn

save america

Posted on: January 28, 2012

aye carumba

as much as i hate doing posts on politics (because politics is such a bunch of bs)

i think this country’s economic situation has been in such a mess

that i need to do at least one post in support of someone who knows the way to fix it

unfortunately i believe Newt and Mitt and Barack don’t know how to do it

or don’t have the testosterone

but Donald Trump does

and unfortunately again, Donald isn’t running

and unfortunately again, the media has done a great job portraying Donald Trump as some kind of celebrity clown

and most of the public bought their smear campaign

anyway, here’s a video where Donald tells it like it is

and how to REALLY get the US economy back on track

not all this nonsense Mitt, Newt and Barack argue about – tax the rich, don’t tax the rich, cut spending, increase spending, make americans tighten their belts and suffer and suffer and suffer – blah, blah, blah, blah


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