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Posted on: March 10, 2012

my favorite television show is Celebrity Apprentice

first of all, i grew up in Philadelphia – true, not as grand as New York City – but still, i get Donald Trump – I understand and appreciate the New York attitude and way of behaving

it’s about having swagger, a hard edge, being tough, being thick-skinned, being competitive

now i have been watching and enjoying this show for years, but something finally dawned on me that i never appreciated before

i used to really not get why people who had accomplished great success in a certain area of life would come on Donald’s show and still be so fierce and driven to succeed in tasks that most of them really cannot do very well – for the most part many of the tasks are outside the participant’s comfort zone and involve some difficulty and frustration – we watch famous people trying to adapt and learn as quickly as possible how to handle many unfamiliar work situations

so the thing i didn’t get was why someone who was so accomplished and successful in one area of life (an activity in life that they love with tremendous passion) would sometimes get so crazy and caught up in trying to prove themselves in an unfamiliar work activity – most likely an activity that they really don’t have much personal passion about – i’d bet most famous singers or comedians never lie awake at night wishing they had become adept at short order cooking, or building sets for tv commercials

shouldn’t they just be cool and be a little more chilled out about most of these tasks on the show – haven’t they already experienced the satisfaction of a very high level of career success? – wouldn’t they feel that they had nothing else to prove to anybody?

the great lesson that celebrity apprentice has taught me is that achieving success in one area of life in not the end of all things in one’s life – in fact, once one has achieved great success and mastery in a particular facet of life – be it the arts, or business, whatever – a person experiences an even stronger need and motivation to KEEP STRUGGLING and STRIVING for mastery and success in whatever other challenges they are faced with

so yes, that Grammy award-winning singer really does want to make the best damn hoagie in the world to win a task – and sure, it’s all for charity on the show – but anyone who’s ever watched at least a few celebrity apprentice episodes know that in the board room when the gloves come off that there’s something much more personal at stake – people will fight tooth and nail for the respect of their peers and defend themselves to the hilt if under any attack or misrepresentation of their abilities and/or performance

success does something powerful to us – it empowers us to feel better and better about ourselves and our lives – and it drives and pushes us further to test ourselves and expect more from ourselves in other areas outside our comfort zone

a famous person once said that you really don’t know a person until they have some success and power and you see how they handle it


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