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weight loss activ-a-tea

Posted on: June 1, 2012


here’s a TEA that tastes great and aids WEIGHT loss, too

and it’s YOURS for the drinking to shape a NEW YOU!






“The frustrating part to me is that I have been on a very good diet for a very long time. Organic, whole foods, very little processed, no soda for years, etc… This alone should have had me thin, thin, thin… I have always taken tons of whole food supplements, enzymes, omegas, hormone support – but none of that was really doing the full trick until the tea.”

Dr. Melissa Shelton





Vanilla Essential Oil  ( for yummy taste! – no benzene or hexane – made by YOUNG LIVING in Brazil )

Ecuadorian Cacao Powder  ( for more yummy taste! – this chocolate still has 98% of its antioxidants present )

Ocotea Leaf  ( great for digestion )

Jade Oolong Leaf  ( stimulates metabolism and immune system )

Inulin  ( for probiotic health benefits )

Frankincense Powder  ( exclusive ingredient from Young Living’s distillery in Salalah, Oman – excellent anti-inflammatory )






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