my new dawn

peppermint water slide

Posted on: August 11, 2012


I experienced another happy example of how a Young Living essential oil came to my rescue in a way I had never thought of.

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone at least once or twice.  You swallow a pill (or two or more at a time) and it gets stuck in the esophagus.   And then it just hangs out there for a while, causing a whole lot of discomfort and pain in the middle of your chest every time you swallow.

This happened to me at work today.  I kept drinking water hoping that would do the trick, but no luck.

Then Peppermint oil popped into my mind.  I knew it was a good anti-inflammatory oil, and very tasty to drink, so I put a couple drops in about 2 ounces of water.

I drank the peppermint water and in a couple seconds I could feel its positive effects.  I could swallow without chest pain and the supplements stuck in the esophagus slid right on down to the stomach where they belonged.




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