my new dawn

fantastic chiropractic

Posted on: October 20, 2012


as any parent knows, it breaks your heart to see your child

in pain or unable to function


last week my 15 year old son could barely walk 10 feet

without having to sit down and rest


he suffered chest pain and had difficulty breathing

whenever he stood up


this went on for four days


his pediatrician examined him and had no idea what was going on


he recommended an EKG and a visit to the cardiologist


instead we took him to a chiropractor


the chiropractor identified the cause immediately and now after

a couple adjustments my son is completely well


now what if my wife and I didn’t think for ourselves

and try the chiropractor?


our son would probably be too disabled to do anything

and who knows how much more time away from school

he would have missed


and he probably would be wearing a stupid heart monitor

from the cardiologist as he lay in bed upset, stressed and 



moral of the story:


never underestimate the power of a chiropractor



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