my new dawn

the money storm

Posted on: November 3, 2012


i think there have been only a few occasions where i have put in my 2 cents on my blog when it comes to


and this is another one of those rare occasions

i would first like to state that i honestly respect everyone’s political views – i am not the kind of person who believes one

should criticize or attack anyone personally for what they believe

because each one of us has one very important thing common:  we all want the world to be a better place

and that’s the unifying desire that i believe should be our focus with anyone who expresses a different point

of view

that desire for a better world deserves my respect above all else – above a person’s party affiliation or non-affiliation

now that being said, the devastation caused by the super storm Sandy serves to highlight a point i would like to make about

own political view

i am a member of the Zeitgeist movement – it is a world wide grass roots movement that advocates the end

of money – we

believe that in our technological age, the capability exists now to provide a high standard of living for

everyone on the

planet for FREE

so what does this have to do with Sandy?

New Jersey and New York could have been spared all the devastation from Sandy if there had been storm

surge sea barriers 

protecting their coastlines

even though experts had been warning for years that a storm like Sandy could come and cause tremendous devastation to

millions of lives

no barriers were ever built

why?  the cost was seen as too high – many billions of dollars were required

not so attractive an option for a nation like the US already deeply in debt – better to leave things to chance

and risk it

BUT (and here is the BIG ‘ but’ ) ….

What if we could have built these storm surge barriers FOR FREE?

If we lived in a society where money was no consideration, we could have and we surely would have

I invite anyone reading this blog post to consider the beliefs of the Zeitgeist movement

There’s no need to call it crazy without considering it and giving it some serious thought

because it’s never crazy for anyone to want the world to be a better place

(and if you happen to have any affection for Gene Roddenberry and the Star Trek franchise,

it’s important to note that Gene’s vision not only described a future without racism, sexism, or violence,

but also presented a future where all material needs were provided WITHOUT money)






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