my new dawn

the greatest nation

Posted on: November 8, 2012

another political post – but hopefully not offensive to anyone

as it is not meant to be

a couple days ago, when President Obama gave his victory speech

he said a lot of things about the importance of focusing on what

unites Americans rather than what divides them

(a sentiment i applaud from any politician, no matter what their party)

but not longer after this followed some statements about America

being the greatest country on earth,

and how America must remain so

now i’m not sure how other folks feel

but the idea of patriotism for the USA being wedded

to this notion of also being the greatest country on earth

seems to me to be a concept that’s totally opposite 

from the concept of unity

what about celebrating the unity between all the peoples

of the earth?

because i wonder if people in other countries are not somewhat offended

that America’s leaders have continually repeated the refrain that only

their country is the greatest nation on earth

might such repeated statements actually perpetuate a world wide

sense of division and resentment?

because we live in a global world now –

technology has joined all people on the planet

in ways never dreamed of just a few years ago

today a child in Africa can have access to more information with an iPhone

than the US President did 15 years ago

i guess what i’m saying is that as an American

i would rather hear my President celebrate the unity of all countries

by recognizing every country’s desire to advance and achieve great things

without there being any value judgment or comparison about which country

is necessarily better than the other


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