my new dawn

terrible tragedy

Posted on: December 15, 2012


my thoughts and reflections on yesterday’s terrible tragedy

are general ones


i think perhaps it is best for parents who have already walked

the path of having lost a child themselves to have the greatest

right in offering specific guidance


but i would like to put in writing at least these few things


one is that i think we here on Earth are brave, brave souls

i cannot emphasize that enough


what we go through here on earth is the hardest school

and it is my personal belief that we have chosen it


i also believe our rewards for this choice,

although hidden from us now,

are more than our wildest dreams

can imagine


we know there is a duality here on earth

where light exists alongside the darkness


it is amazing to think there are some who have

even come out of the Holocaust with their spirits

and ability to love and forgive intact


it is divine to forgive the pain and trauma suffered

from darkness


and we are all divine or else no one would be able

to forgive anything


and Jesus would have never asked us to forgive

our enemies if it were beyond our capability


and, of course, the same spiritual love that allows

us to forgive


is also the same love that leads us through

the great healing process


with all the pain, anger, fear and grief that

must be experienced


but if we can meet each blow from darkness

with love


trusting in God’s power flowing through us

trusting in His love


and the expression of His love through

those who pray for us and help us


(and through our angels, too)


we always, always win



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