my new dawn

fiscal cliff

Posted on: December 17, 2012


some of us who’ve buzzed around the internet a lot

may have stumbled on the idea


that there’s really no fiscal cliff

or world wide collapse

to worry about


because there’s so much money

available for everyone

it’s not even funny


in fact, good people in power

know that we actually don’t need

any money at all


for everyone to live a high

standard of living


but in order to transition to that

i’ve read of certain plans

in place


for instance, all of our debts

will be erased (mortgage, credit card, everything)


and we might all get $100,000 a year to live on

for 10 years


then in 10 years, no more money

and we all still live like kings

and queens for the rest of our lives


the point is, though, how will we

adjust psychologically?


you know, all this stuff we’re

brought up with so we are



that life is all about working

hard, and struggling to get by


but that’s the old paradigm

it’s time to welcome a new one,


don’t you think?




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