my new dawn

greatness of women

Posted on: December 19, 2012


one of the greatest tragedies of our time

is abortion


now i will go beyond political labels,

religious labels, cultural labels


and write about this tragedy

briefly from the soul perspective


generally speaking, women in our culture

have accomplished so much


they have had to fight, fight, fight

for equality in so many areas


amazing to know it was not so long

ago in the USA when women did not have

the right to vote


now i used to be pro-choice

and it was one of the greatest emotional/spiritual

shocks in my life when i shifted to being



i had to face the pain of knowing

just how disconnected i was from the

heart of God


where the sacredness of all that

He/She creates really hits one in the face,

so to speak


so I have great, great empathy for

those who are pro-choice because

i was there


and in my heart i have nothing but

much prayerful love for my pro-choice

brothers and sisters


because that will help them the most

in their shift to the sacred


now returning to the thread

of womenkind’s struggle for equality


what i see from the soul perspective

is how some women have had

much difficulty


in losing their power to the dark

side of ego


because they have had to fight, fight, fight

so much to bolster their egos


(female egos that were oppressed and silenced

for so long in a male-dominated culture)


so many women have lost some balance to the point

where ego becomes greater than spirit

(so it’s all about ‘choice’)


so the challenge for many women

still is to see that the battle is not

so much to reclaim the ego


that men have kept in chains so long


but it is to reclaim the powerful

feminine spirit or soul


that is all about nurturing

and defending the sacredness

of life


this is the power that many men have really

tried to separate women



so men could go on having

their wars,


and their mind control games


they even use economics

to push women into



for if economic resources

were plentiful


and all children could

come into a world


experiencing no lack

for material things


what then?


may this post be in service

of empowering


the true greatness of






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