my new dawn

taking flight

Posted on: January 9, 2013


Many artists are spiritually aware and plugged into the magnificent

movements of the divine universal consciousness.


Back in 1972, the band known as SEALS and CROFTS

released a song called “HUMMINGBIRD


Here is a wonderful section of the song that has become

more true today than ever before.


Haven’t you noticed the rays?

The spirit sun is stronger

And a new day is dawning for us all.



Of course the Hummingbird will not fly away.


With the love energies now bathing our planet,

it’s definitely here to stay.  🙂


I was listening to two of my favorite spiritual teachers, Sri and Kira ,

today and they have called 2013 the year of the Mayan sunrise.


They also said that 2013 is the year we blast off!












I agree.


For those who are living from the heart of unconditional love,

2013 and on will be a time where we no longer need to learn

from the conflicts inherent in duality consciousness.


Instead there are only wonderful gifts to accept as the abundance

within becomes manifest for oneself and the universe.


Spirit smiles 2 all,




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