my new dawn

those uncomfortable feelings

Posted on: February 2, 2013

oh, those uncomfortable feelings

that gain entry like spies

when family or friends

expect a ‘you’ they

can’t find

they test your success

cleansing karmic


and unconciously

mess with your

higher vibrations

there’s nowhere to run

there’s nowhere to hide

’tis better to take the

old drama in stride

say “hello” to the shadows

of guilt, blame or shame

as they poke at your heart

and call you bad names

show the old sidekicks

that you do not judge

accept their expression

then infuse them

with love


2 Responses to "those uncomfortable feelings"

This is great! Super encouraging. Thanks!

i am happy 4 your being encouraged

btw…i went to your site and enjoyed reading some of your wonderful poetry

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