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Posted on: March 3, 2013


I had a sort of a vision I guess you’d call it just this morning.


Three concentric circles.  That’s a circle surrounded by a larger circle surrounded by an even larger circle.



The largest circle represented the 36 years from 1964 to 2000.


The second largest circle within it represented the 12 years from 2000 to 2012.


The smallest circle within all the circles represent the 4 years from 2012 to 2016.


In the largest circle, thousands of people became “ENLIGHTENED”, for lack of a better term.   I would say thousands of people became fully spiritually conscious human beings – their perceptions of the spiritual realm became integrated and part of their conscious day to day lives.


In the second largest circle, millions of people on planet earth achieved this integration between the physical and spiritual.  (And this has indeed happened because of the new energies available to the whole planet in this new Age of Aquarius.)


In the smallest circle, BILLIONS of people on planet earth will make this leap into a new state of being – living from the heart and spirit – living in a state of unconditional love and spiritual awareness and unity with all things.


Going by this vision, the Golden Age that the MAYANS predicted will become very apparent to most people on earth by 2017.




That’s 3 circles actually form an ascending spiral that gets smaller as we move higher because spiritual growth keeps accelerating within a collapsing time frame where each time frame is 1/3 shorter than the previous frame.


36 years divided by 3 = 12 years


12 years divided by 3 = 4 years


Assuming this is somewhat accurate, all the outdated corrupt political and financial structures of the Age of Pisces would have to fall apart by 2017.


I think this ties in with the Bible verse in the New Testament when God says in the last days He will pour out His spirit on ALL people.


(Everyone is getting Her spirit of love poured on them NOW, but in these next 4 years everyone on earth should be aware of it and embracing it!)


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