my new dawn

attention all souls

Posted on: March 10, 2013


beautiful and brave

women and men of earth

beautiful souls one and all


the new heaven

the new earth

is here right now

for everyone


feel it and know that

it is true 


yes, we have all played

our parts so well


those who played the dark side

those who played the light

each one to help the other

to fight and live and grow


to experience every emotion

every pain, joy and sorrow

as our souls could bear it


for we are the most

courageous souls

in the universe !


but now,

now the time has come

to see each one us as we are

without the masks

without the roles

and know


we are one!

we always were

we always will be


now is the time

to come together

now is the time

to release the final fears

and dry the final tears

from our faces


now is the time to see

that we all signed up for this

this adventure in self mastery

this adventure in service

to each other,

to humanity


to boldly go where

no soul has gone before 


by coming aboard this

incredible spaceship

we call ‘earth’ 


look at us

North Korea

look at us Iran

look at us

Russia, China

and Japan 


look at us


look at us



 look at us

with some still fighting

still playing this game 


it’s over

it’s over

the dark roles

have no more energy 


there is no more duality

except that which

some still play

because they

still walk in

their sleep 


but the dark night is over

the new dawn is here ! 


and it will never



go away 


we humans

we souls who serve

each other 


we lovers of

adventure in the

very heart of God’s endless


great grace




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