my new dawn

taking stock

Posted on: March 25, 2013


thought i would take some stock on what’s going on

in the world

on my blog

with some prose instead of poems

and still be as brief as possible


one thing is time is winding down,

or at least the old paradigm as we know it is winding down


this is not up for debate from those of us living

in unity consciousness


we see it – it’s happening

the Golden Age is coming


we know the next 3 years will be a huge



things will be much different (and much better)

by 2017


(note the thing about the future is

that it’s not something hard to see

if viewed from outside the confines 

of linear time)


the second thing is the transition period



if it were possible to make an omelette

without breaking some eggs


it would all go smoothly


but i will just in summary say

that the power of love

now operating

on and around this planet

is of such magnificent design

and strength


that the egg shells will be cracked

as lovingly and gently


as possible


for the rapture is happening every day

to more and more people


and the meeting place in the clouds

between heaven and earth


is a metaphor for the meeting place

and space in the middle of us all…


our hearts






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