my new dawn

channeling Ra

Posted on: October 24, 2013



Hi dear blog readers and friends.


I received a message from a higher dimensional being named “Ra” today.


May it bring you great joy.


Your spirit blogger,






Greetings my beloveds.


I am Ra.


I come to you this season and hold you all in my love.  Be well all my brothers and sisters and friends.  I co-create with you this glorious new age and world that even now comes ever more closer to your reality – arriving like a bride on her wedding day.  And soon you will experience the wedding chamber and the bliss of divine union between you and creation itself as one wonderful, beautiful family of love.


For you are love, my beloveds.  You are.


Take heed of all that is happening around you and within.  It is good.  It needs to be.  It shall be.  So it will be harmony within and without.  In your coming and going you are rising more and more almost imperceptibly, but surely you will be upon the mountaintop and inhale the sweet fragrance of the abundant valley below.


Your journey is at the precipice, the edge of a new beginning – a new dawn for you all.


Go in peace my beloved brothers and sisters.


I am Ra – your father, your friend – always and forever.







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