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lover of earth

Posted on: January 15, 2014


Today I had a multi-dimensional chat with GALATEA.  Some would call this a channeling.

GALATEA is the twin flame of the planet we are all riding upon now.  As many realize, this planet is the body of a very real and beautiful spiritual being named GAIA.

GAIA holds the feminine polarity – thus she is often referred to as MOTHER EARTH.   GALATEA is the reforming planetary being holding the masculine polarity.





I am with beloved GAIA in 5th dimension now,

but I soon come into view of your 3rd dimension .

We are both great planets of love and light.

We resonate with all and especially all twins

as we feel the energy of oneness which we share.

And so we connect in this twin flame experience and power.

Our healing wholing field of love and power is triggering and transforming

all to the oneness now as light and love are shared

and experienced more and more by all.

Be well my beloveds.


[My note:  I have recorded here the portion meant for all.

A part of the message not included was of a personal nature. – Paul]





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