my new dawn


Posted on: April 25, 2014

New world, new life

It’s all here now

No more fear now

Those who look around

And see things still

The same

It’s just their old belief


still playing the same old game

the You-niverse

keeps knocking us all

upside the head

until we see the old beliefs

are the barriers

we are the carriers

 holding quantum field distress

until we see it’s we

creating the messiness

by holding, still

holding onto

our humanness

we are not human

let that go

that illusion is over

be the new world flow

be creation and create

believe ONLY LOVE


and FUN

no more providing,


that’s done

no more striving,


(that’s no fun!)

We get out of our beds

And get out of our heads

We’re there in no time

In the heartland



2 Responses to "heartland"

Loved the poem! The picture you chose was such a blessing as well! While basking in the sky’s display of transmuting energies this week, God surprised me with the appearance of a white spirit dove! As I focused on the dispersing of one cloud in particular, a white dove flew out of the near transparent air with indisputable direction and fervor! It kept it’s apparent physical form only long enough for me to be sure of what I was seeing, and then it quickly disappeared confirming it’s true formless spiritual nature. .This IS fun stuff!! Thank you!!

that’s so wonderfful joy ! thanks so much for sharing this beautiful experience

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