my new dawn

the waving leaf

Posted on: July 21, 2014



my twin flame and me

were strolling by the river

on a path between the trees

when up ahead

(just to our right)

one leaf was waving

vigorously in plain sight

(and all the other leaves

around it

were quite quiet

and still)

so it was

something magical

no doubt

and so closer

we went to find out

what this little leaf

was all about

as soon as my twin

stood still,

the leaf stopped


and then

gently (so gently)

raised itself slowly

(so slowly) and


to face her upright


what a sight !

we, she, me, the tree

and leaf

all one

in that energy

of that moment

so fun

so precious

so sacred

breathing the sweet air

basking in the







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