my new dawn

undercover angel

Posted on: September 17, 2014

I am an angel

from the great central sun

I am quite used to light

and having great fun

I am quite used to knowing

a world full of love

until I came to this world

on wings of a dove

oh, I was born like a human

for appearance’s sake

an undercover mission

(for so much was at stake)

it’s been challenging for me

I truly confess

everything in this world

is truly a mess !

but have no fear

I can honestly say

we are now so so close

love WILL


the day


2 Responses to "undercover angel"

Beautiful poem and pic! God is so crazy with his affirmations! 🙂 I have about a gazillion pictures on my phone of the same type of “monster” seen on the right side of your picture. They’ve been hanging out periodically for some time now but their presence has decreased drastically over the past month. These days, their usually softened, decapitated, sleeping, wasting away, or fighting amongst themselves. Crazy too how the changes started occurring once I was willing to look them square in the eye, denounce all fear, and not turn away based on their outward appearance. The “baby angel” in your pic immediately made me think of the prophecies of the “man-child.” At first, I thought he must be ascending for protection from the beast as promised, but instead, putting it all together, maybe it’s another one of God’s abundant encouragers that we are OH SO VERY CLOSE. The “man-child” is safe and being returned and with the morning star to boot!

thanks very much, joy, for sharing your insight and experience on a deep level as you did

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