my new dawn

2 2nd wavers

Posted on: February 26, 2015

i feel many who are attracted to my blog are 2nd waver ascension folks – whether they realize it or not

(and i’m sure there are a few first wavers like me connecting here, too)

to the 2nd wavers i feel guided to pass along a few words of wisdom…


understand that your way of perceiving and assessing the world is shifting from your 3D head to your 5D (and higher) heart – you don’t analyze so much anymore – instead you start to read the universal energy through your divine heart awareness – you begin to understand there is information in the energy – you begin to understand that the energy is the quantum field and it radiates consciousness and intelligence – and so you start to know things as they truly are – instead of the old way of knowing from the head’s pre-programmed (and limited) point of view


physical symptoms – if you haven’t googled “Ascension Symptoms” yet, then you probably will soon – our bodies are being transformed as they evolve into a new angelic type of human star being never before seen in this universe


Time to understand what the word “TRANSMUTATION” means in this Ascension process if you don’t already – basically you are now an ALCHEMIST – the denser emotional energies within come up to be transmuted back into greater love and light through YOUR own zero point power (at the transpersonal center of your Being) – the zero point is the place within where you not only love yourself fully, but you know that you yourself ARE Divine Love, a unique expression of God Incarnate – all that is not in alignment with the perfection of divine love is now brought back into alignment – old emotional wounds become completely healed

Hmmmm…easy as 1-2-3

We Be Love

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