my new dawn

who i am

Posted on: March 29, 2016


i am not from planet earth

but i am one of many volunteers who incarnated on planet earth to help rescue the planet

i am from the Pleiades

from a higher dimensional way of being

where all is love, peace and harmony

(and naturally this is reflected in the music i write)

my particular purpose in this incarnation has been achieved

to reunite with my twin flame

when twin flames reunite, they create the most powerful positive energy in the universe

twin flames are often separated by the dark ones during the incarnation process so that it becomes very difficult for them to find one another on the earth’s surface

so we see many twin flames separated by things such as age difference, geography, race, etc.

at any rate…

planet earth should have been liberated from the dark many years ago

however, this liberation has been terribly delayed for a variety of reasons

but the factors that have previously prevented humanity’s liberation are almost cleared now

i look forward to it so much because i am very homesick

i want to go home

like Bilbo in the Hobbit story

back to my shire where i belong






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