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et contact

Posted on: October 9, 2016



I would share the details but who would believe it ?




6 Responses to "et contact"

I would believe it … that’s who!

Why not tell us?

Its not long till it won’t matter if some folks think your off your rocker.

Others like myself got an immediate acknowledgement from my guides that you were telling the truth.

Thanks very much, Ed, for your comment. The short version of what happened was that I was having quite a happy dance with four very large ET Light Ships. I was out for a walk during the evening hours and wherever I walked they followed me directly overhead. If I stopped, they stopped. When I walked again, they followed me again. Sometimes they made very beautiful flower of life patterns and sometimes they just randomly played around. Needless to say, the energies of fun, joy and general ecstatic delight were palpable in the energy vortex we shared. Interesting to me that I also had a great ET Ship experience just the day before and now today I had another amazing one where the ET Ship was pretending to be a low flying Jet except all of sudden it stopped flying and just stood there in mid air completely MOTIONLESS ! LoL. ANYWAY, some months back 2 tall blue ETS paid me a personal visit. They communicated that they were sorry about the delay. Just wanted me to know to hang in there. Earth will be liberated soon.

Thank you! Love your story. Have you considered that you are their emissary, that you are one of them? I have known for many years that I came here ( volunteered ) to help Gaia at this time of transition. There were hundreds of thousands of us who heeded that call. So the ET’s are already here in force. We raise the vibration of the planet and transmute the negative energies… as we awaken to the fullness of ourselves. When the ‘gates’ are fully opened and we remember the totality of our mission, the healing will begin. It is a time long prophesied by those watching.and waiting for humanity to be ready. Gaia wishes that all her children should evolve with her. She is willing to suffer a bit longer to increase the number that can ascend with her. Growth is an interesting concept. Metamorphosis another. The expansion,evolution and enlightenment of all… is the norm not the exception. To long has this section of the galaxy been shrouded in the lower frequencies. The ‘midwifes’ are in place, The stage set. The final act ready to commence. It is not written in stone how humanity will react to the revelations that are unfolding. Yet, it can be known on a spiritual level what outcome is inevitable. I salute the God particle within you, within all. Namaste.

in response to your 10/10 comment, yes my cosmic identity is VALLA (full name is VALLERAYA) – Ambassador from Alcyone – I am also one of the very few fully merged Twin Flames on the Planet surface at this time – which makes me the most powerful force on the planet NOW as the unified Twin Flame power is the strongest force in the Universe – fortunately I am protected from harm although the Dark has tried to take me and my twin out (killed) from time to time – i would disagree with one statement of yours – Gaia is definitely NOT WILLING to suffer – the ascension of humanity will only start in earnest AFTER the EVENT – suffering only continues because the Dark has been so very difficult to defeat

Yes, suffering was a poor choice of words. Your twin flame description is one I am familiar with. You perhaps are one of the most enlightened I have encountered online or perhaps in this lifetime. In my experience most who seek to teach still have much to learn. Like myself, they are still trying to grasp the depth of the reason the Dark has been allowed to corrupt this section of the Galaxy / Universe. Growth is not a descriptive enough answer to fill the need to understand that I have. I once replied to a request for a profound thought stating ” the only thing that I can conceive of as impossible, is the absence of growth”. Still I struggle to understand, to connect to growth being the sole reason for the degree of negativity that the Earth has experienced for at least the past 100 thousand years. Any comments that you can or wish to share on the situation?

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